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Commission Requests

Commissioning art is a great way to get more affordable art pieces, personalize your collection, or acquire artworks that complement your living space. It is a very personal process for everyone involved and can require a lot of work. But the effort will pay off at the end when you receive a one-of-a-kind art piece, tailor-made for your collection!

In commissioned art projects, I like to take the client’s ideas, needs and preferences, and merge them with my artist’s skills and creative process.

Typically, when requesting a commissioned piece, the client provides several high-resolution digital photographs of the subject. In cases where digital photographs are not available or cannot be obtained, physical photographs may be provided. Please note that these should be high-quality copies, not originals. In all commissioned pieces, a thorough communication between the artist and client will occur prior to the initiation of the project to ensure the request is clearly outlined and all aspects are agreed upon.

I offer very reasonable rates. Please complete the request form with all of the necessary details to expedite the quotation process. I will review your request and engage you in a two-way dialogue to initiate the project.

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